Sunday, 30 April 2017

Labour Day

It is Labour Day today, I want to start writing again after stopping for almost 3 years:

1. No Kfit classes for me today, time to heal my aches.
2. Meeting my friend SW and his primary school mate, aka my high school mate whom i am not close with: LY
3. Going to stay at my place tonight
4. A friend asked me to watch Collateral Beauty, not sure what it is but will find time to watch
5. A song kept playing in my head...will share the song later: "and i don't wear makeup..and i don't wear makeup"..

Friday, 1 August 2014

20 things that i like

Today I made myself scribble 20 things that I like, without much thinking...just instinct. Looks like eating and drinking plays a big part though. :P

1. yoga
2. read a good book
3. baking
4. cook for someone
5. drink tea/coffee
6. drink cider
7. watch movies in the cinema with a jacket/shawl
8. driving around with less cars on the road, listening to nice music
9. go to new cafes
10. on my laptop and showing interesting things to my friends
11. having pedicure
12. do afternoon tea with nice presentation (2 or 3 tiered plates)
13. choosing stickers to stick
14. drink wine slowly
15. walking on foot reflexology stones
16. picnic outdoor
17. write my diary and re-reading them
18. choosing + buying colorful pens
19. attending gigs/concerts
20. eat sushi with equally hungry friends

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Conversation with mom

Me: Isn't it amazing, the baby who was once in your tummy is already having white hair now!!
Mom: Ya, so what...the babies I was carrying, most of them had babies of their own already lah!!
Me: ....

Monday, 22 April 2013

I love my time

Hello all,
I don't mean to brag, but I really love my time now. I am so grateful for everyday. I wake up alive, and I wake up not slaving myself.

After I officially stopped going to the office (I quit), my mind has been very active trying to think what I can do, what I want to do. My yoga teacher used to tell me: "good things will come if you allow it".

Currently I am doing several things at the same time:
1. Getting my pipe fixed....kind of major and involves hacking...but it should be done by this week.
2. Answering phone calls and SMS for the yoga centre I go to.
3. Getting an interview for a virtual recruiter role, office is based in Dubai.
4. Going for as many yoga classes as I can.
5. Spending time to fetch mom/niece whenever they need me.
6. Researching on vegetarian dishes, this week I will learn about chickpeas and aubergine.
7. Finishing Paulo Coelho books, currently still reading "The Pilgrims".

Imagine I can't do all this if I was still stuck in the office. Doing things others asked me to do...saying yes to all clients and my boss even I know the job is impossible. I hope I won't go back to that kind of life again...selling my time, energy and soul in exchange of money.

Here is an article which inspired me few months ago that made me plucked up my courage to resign:

As of today, I am not ashamed to tell you: yes, I love my beautiful life.

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Goodie Bags

I have been out of the corporate world for close to a month. How time flies!!
This was an initial little business I wanted to do. Making goodie bags for girls, boys, or even adults. However, I am too shy to tell anyone. So I am not sure how would I get any business.

Anyway, almost every week there are something new. New ideas, new people telling me things, or old people telling me new things. It goes on and on.

I don't have any expectation, just let my life surprise me. I wake up not knowing what will happen next.

I am happy to say..after 3 months plus of staying here, I finally able to sleep. I had been sleeping 2 nights without interruptions.

Here are my initial batch of goodie bags.

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Vintage Robots

I love vintage robots...I only have one at the moment in my living area. My friend Shelley asked me to buy one "partner" for my robot. Hmm...should I?

Thursday, 10 January 2013

New Life

I am staying on my own now. Means I can cook whatever I want, wake up and go to sleep at whatever hours, put flowers around the house, have a book shelf to myself, do yoga anytime I want..entertain any friends I want (if any)...most importantly, be responsible to myself.

Ya, the key I think is to be responsible to myself.

Take care of myself.

Yesterday was the first night I came home late. I always wanted to much to have this freedom to come home at whatever time I want. However only yesterday I came back 12 something, midnight.

I always have disrupted sleep...and sometimes there are some voices to my head, especially when I am half asleep. Yesterday a voice came to my head: "this could be your dying bed".

"This could be your dying bed". How morbid...but how true. Anyway, my bed is not too bad for a dying bed, I decided. :)

Positivity wins.